Speeches of Freedom

Throughout the course of history, there have been many speeches of freedom.  Below is a collection of videos that feature highlights from selected speeches.

Nelson Mandela
“An Ideal for Which I Am Prepared to Die” (Excerpt) 1964

W.E.B. DuBois 
“Niagara Movement Speech” (Excerpt) 1905

Martin Luther King
“I Have a Dream” (Excerpt) 1963

Susan B. Anthony
“On Women’s Right to Vote” (Excerpt) 1873

Mahatma Gandhi
“Quit India” (Excerpt) 1942

Standing Bear
Courtroom Statement: United Stats ex rel. Standing Bear v. Crook (Excerpt) 1879

Margaret Chase Smith
“Declaration of Conscience” (Excerpt) 1950

Franklin D. Roosevelt
“Four Freedoms” State of the Union Address (Excerpt) 1941

Lyndon B. Johnson
“Great Society” (Excerpt) 1964

Emmeline Pankhurst
“Freedom or Death” (Excerpt) 1913

Eli Wiesel
“The Perils of Indifference” (Excerpt) 1999

Eleanor Roosevelt
“The Struggle for Human Rights” (Excerpt) 1948

Cesar Chavez
“Wrath of Grapes” Boycott Speech (Excerpt) 1986

Abraham Lincoln
“Second Inaugural Address” (Excerpt) 1865

John F. Kennedy
“Inaugural Address” (Excerpt) 1961

Malala Yousafzai
“Speech to the United Nations Youth Takeover” (Excerpt) 2013

Winston Churchill
“Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” (Excerpt) 1940

Sojourner Truth
“Ain’t I a Woman” (Excerpt) 1851

Malcolm X
“Speech to Peace Corps Workers” (Excerpt) 1964

Frederick Douglas
“The Hypocrisy of American Slavery” (Excerpt) 1852

Franklin D. Roosevelt
“Inaugural Address” (Excerpt) 1933

Lyndon B. Johnson
“The American Promise” (Excerpt) 1965